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Smart lighting solutions for your home and office can enhance your living and working space, creating a look and feel that is truly unique. 

You can turn on the entire room - or multiple rooms - with a single instruction or command, you can even say goodbye to large panels of switches and raise or dim any light in the room, or the entire house with a single touch on your tablet, smart phone or using just your voice. 

Smart lighting is a much more efficient and elegant way of lighting your home or office environments, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any event. In the home it enables you to deliver the elegance, ambience, and esthetical feel to meet every occasion. 

For the office you can automatically raise and dim light levels to provide the perfect working conditions throughout the day, not only helping in delivering a balanced environment for your staff but also creating a far more energy efficient solution. 

At MJY we work with industry leading lighting control systems that can be installed as an integrated solution or as a standalone installation. We can manage an entire building installation or just an individual room, the options are limitless.

We specialise in smart lighting control solutions including wireless dimmers, switches and keypads, centralised control systems and the latest KNX lighting control technology. 

For added peace of mind, when linked with our security solutions, an intelligent smart lighting system can also ensure your home or office continues to look active even when you are away. 

To find out more or to see our smart lighting system in operation give us a call and let us light up your mind to what can be achieved with smart lighting control.

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