Essential Business Security

Most businesses and licensed premises consider a CCTV system as an essential tool for discouraging theft, personal attacks on staff, and abuse to property.

In addition to these more obvious uses, we’ve also seen an increase in businesses installing CCTV cameras and recording equipment to protect themselves against a rising number of health and safety claims from employees. Professionally installed CCTV systems can prove to be vital in providing evidence to prosecute intruders and attackers, and in defending against a claim.

Save your business some money

Advanced CCTV technology offers a real alternative to manned security operations as stationed guards can be replaced by strategically placed cameras connected to a single CCTV control room. Locations can be centrally managed and continuously monitored, with mobile staff deployed only when and where they need to be.

With digital CCTV recording equipment, it is now quick and easy to pinpoint incidents. Digital storage means that CCTV recording can be “permanently on” and with new technology available, this enables remote access to CCTV footage from anywhere in the world, at any time, via the internet...

CCTV Repair & Maintenance

Many new customers have switched to us because they didn’t feel they were getting a great service from their previous security company. We can easily repair CCTV equipment, and take over the maintenance of a CCTV system, even if it's one that we haven’t installed.


If you would like advice on how we can service your existing CCTV system, get in touch.


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